Top 8 Best T20 Cricket Leagues in the World

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T20 cricket is the one which is played between two teams and both teams can play a maximum of twenty overs. The basic rules are the same as the longer format of the game. T20 cricket is so much famous that almost every cricketing nation has its own T20 cricket league.

The T20 cricket was designed to deliver exhilarating and interest arousing games for the supports and fans who were distracted from it due to long, whole-day game schedules.

The layout used in Twenty20 matches makes the scoring of the century in the innings much more difficult than ODI matches. In a very short span, T20 became the most remunerative game format. Soon, we will discuss the best cricket leagues in the world.

The first official T20 matches were played in the year 2003 between English counties. It was introduced for the inter-county competition of England. The first international T20 match was played between England and Australia in the year 2005 on the 13th of June. In which England won, a victory record lasted for two years.

Most of the best cricket leagues in the World of Twenty20 were established after tremendous success in the first-ever established league of Twenty20 of England and Australia. After two years Australia and New Zealand played the T20 match as an international T20 match.

T20 was mainly introduced for the cause to turn out the proficiency of the game that would entice the audience and fans of cricket. The ascendancy of the game is widespread in the cricket world.

This is a much shorter form of the cricket match than all the previous formats and it engages the audience in a passionate way.

List of Top 8 Best Cricket Leagues in World

Most of the countries established their own domestic teams for Twenty20, as knowing it’s worth in the audience. Several domestic leagues of T20 started right after seeing the interest of the audience in T20 matches and the popularity of ICC world T20 in the year 2007. It opens more doors and ways to attract the money generated through the advertisement for the country and a lot more.

The topmost popular and best T20 cricket leagues in the world are listed below:

Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL Indian Premier League T20

If we talk about the best cricket league in the world, IPL is the one on top of the list without any doubts in all aspects. It clearly demonstrates how the cricket industry helps in revenue generation for a country. In 2007 the Indian Premier League was found by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

IPL is considered the one who brought a revolution in the cricket industry. IPL brought more entertaining and commercialized ways in cricket. IPL played 13 seasons in which a total of 13 teams played in the Indian Premier League.

Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in terms of titles won. Mumbai Indians is the current champion winning the back-to-back title and overall fifth title of the league in 2020. The Chennai Super Kings have won 3 titles in the Indian Premier League.

Delhi police arrested 3 cricketers on the charges of alleged spot-fixing in the 2013 Indian Premier League. In a separate case, Mumbai police arrested two members of the Indian Premier League for alleged betting.

Two teams, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended for two years as well after betting and spot-fixing charges case in 2016 and 2017.

Pakistan Super League (PSL)

PSL-Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League is governed and handled by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officially announced as the national league in 2015. Due to some security concerns, the league was only started with five teams and the entire tournament was held in the United Arab Emirates.

PSL played a total of 5 seasons and only one of these was fully conducted in Pakistan. The next season of PSL is being planned to be scheduled in 2021, which will be the sixth season of PSL to be the second entirely conducted season in Pakistan. PSL teams are franchise-based Twenty20 cricket teams.

Despite a lot of problems associated with cricket in Pakistan, PSL is now compared in terms of quality with IPL, which is the best cricket league in the world.

A total of six teams plays in the PSL cricket matches representing six cities of Pakistan. Islamabad United is the most successful team winning in 2016 and 2018 respectively, in two tournaments. Whereas Karachi Kings are the current champions of the tournament.

In 2017 Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) suspended six(6) Cricketers due to the spot-fixing scandal under its anti-corruption code in an ongoing investigation backed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). FIA arrested four persons on charges of spot-fixing and gambling racket in the PSL 2020.

Here you can check a few more interesting facts about PSL.

Big Bash League (BBL)

BBL Big Bash League T20

Big Bash League is the domestic Twenty20 cricket league of Australia, played nine seasons, and the 10th season is scheduled in December 2020 and ends in February 2021. A total of 8 teams are included in the BBL.

It is sponsored by KFC so is Called KFC Big Bash League. KFC Big Bash League of Cricket Australia was established and held its first tournament in 2011.

KFC Big Bash League is the second most popular league of Twenty20 cricket leagues than IPL (Indian Premier League). It is the one most attended league in the world when it comes to the crowd of the audience in matches.

Perth Scorchers won the greatest number of titles in league matches with three titles. Sydney Sixers are the current champion of the BBL.

T20 Blast League

T20 Blast League

England’s Twenty20 League named as T20 Blast league is one very popular entertainment full Twenty20 league established by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2003. The first-place from were all cricket leagues started in England. The T20 Blast league has a total of 18 teams that are playing in the league.

T20 Blast League of England is not much popular but it also attracts a somehow good number of audiences in a territory where the majority of the nation is football fans. The most appreciable fact of England cricket is the one that it’s the first of all conducted cricket tournament in the world.

Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

CPL-Twenty20 League Top T20 Leagues in World

The national cricket league of the Caribbean created in 2013 is the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). League as a whole is governed by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

Caribbean Premier League is sponsored by an Indian automobile company Hero Moto crop thus named the Hero CPL. The CPL is comprised of six teams. Each of the team in tournament play approximately ten matches, three of which are played at homes and left sequential matches are played in six different stadiums.

Trinbago Knight Riders is the most successful team of the CPL with 4 winnings titles. They are the current champions as well of the CPL 2020 season.

Caribbean Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket tournament that changed a lot after the involvement of franchises.  The CPL cricket tournament held in the Caribbean as a whole is full of enjoyment. It is a kind of colorful carnival that attracts both the crowd and players.

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

Bangladesh-Premier-League-BPL-Top T20 Cricket Leagues

Bangladesh Premier League as BPL was formed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board in 2011. The Bangladesh Premier League consisting of seven franchise-based teams.

During the season of 2012-13 following the accusation of match-fixing, all the franchise owners were suspended due to constant violation of league regulations.

In 2014 the league was no played due to a match-fixing scandal. BPL reformed with new six franchises for the season held in 2015.

Dhaka Platoon is the most successful team of the BPL as it won 3 titles. Originally the team was established with the name Dhaka Gladiators but after the 2nd edition, it was dissolved and renamed as Dhaka Dynamites.

In November 2019, the team was renamed Dhaka Platoon after Jamuna Bank has bought the rights. Rajshahi Royals is the team that is the current champion of BPL 2020.

Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL)

WBBL Women Big Bash League T20

The Women’s Big Bash League is the women’s national Twenty20 cricket team of Australia. WBBL was started officially after the 2014-15 season of Australia Women’s Twenty20 Cup which ran since 2007-08 had been replaced by it.

The league comprises eight franchise-based competition teams. The teams included in the WBBL branded equally as the men’s Big Bash League.

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL)


Celebrity Cricket League is an Indian league of men which is consisting of nine teams of film actors.  These nine teams belong to nine major regional film industries of the Indian cinema.

CCL was inspired by the Indian Premier League (IPL) for its popularity. The Celebrity Cricket League was started in 2010 but commenced in 2011.

Telugu Warriors is the most successful team of CCL as they have won 4 consecutive seasons of CCL from 2015 to 2019. The tournament was not organized in 2018 and 2020.

The ARY Digital media group of Pakistan also planned to start a celebrity cricket league with the name of ARY Celebrity League (ACL). More details about the ACL will be available soon.

Twenty20 league came with a galvanizing effect in the 21st century. However, the traditional game fans set off in trepidation that automatically Twenty20 would overawe the future of other forms of cricket in the world.

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