20 Facts About the IPL That Would Wow Even the Most Devoted Supporters

On 31st March 2023, the first match of the heavily hyped 16th season of the Indian Premier League was held, and it featured a matchup between the defending champion the Gujarat Titans, and Chennai Super Kings. As is customary, followers across the world are brimming with excitement in anticipation of the tournament. We have uncovered a few of the most fascinating information about the IPL, some of which even the most devoted fans might not be familiar with.

Not only Within India but also in many other countries and regions all over the world, individuals of many various nationalities have become huge fans of the Indian Premier League. One example of this is the “Twin Game,” which consisted of two Indian Premier League games held on the same day at an identical stadium, each of which featured a different set of participating clubs. During the 2010 Indian Premier League, a unique occurrence took place, which left fans both stunned and excited.

IPL fans will undoubtedly be kept entertained and engaged for years to come with all of the incredible information that can be learned about the game. The information requested is a compilation of some of the most interesting facts about the IPL; nevertheless, the data are provided in no particular order. With no further ado, let’s jump right into a discussion about a few of the most fascinating but little facts about the IPL.

Some of the Most Incredible and Bizarre Details About IPL:

People in India, a nation with a population that recently surpassed 138 crores and that treats cricket like a religion, are constantly on the lookout for statistics and figures that distinguish them as true believers in the sport; this is especially true of the Indian Premier League. We will assist you in doing so. With no further ado, here is a summary of a few lesser-known details about IPL.

IPL May have been 50 Overs Tournament:

Lalit Modi, the genius behind the Indian Premier League, initially proposed a tournament with a 50-over format to the BCCI in the year 1995. However, the BCCI decided against pursuing the proposal. Not until 2007, when Zee began broadcasting the Indian Cricket League, did BCCI make the decision to begin its own T20 league. This is a fascinating fact about the IPL, isn’t it?

Only Team Never to Reach IPL Final:

The Delhi Capitals are the only team in the Indian Premier League that has not yet qualified for the championship match, and they’ve never even appeared in an IPL final match.

The Team That Has Appeared in the Most Championship Games:

After being kicked out of the IPL for two years, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) nonetheless managed to play in 9 IPL finals. In a nutshell, this indicates that they were successful in reaching the championship match in 80 percent of their attempts to play the event.

Teams That Have Won the Most IPL Titles:

5 championships have been won by Mumbai Indians. As of the month of March 2023, CSK has won a total of 4 titles, KKR has won a total of 2 titles, GT, SH, and RR are the other clubs to also have won the championship title, in addition to the team that used to go by the name Deccan Chargers.

Most IPL Losses:

The Delhi Capitals are now at the top of the unenviable list of IPL clubs that have accumulated the most defeats during the tournament’s existence. Till 16 IPL seasons, they have lost 119 games out of 225 matches. The team from Delhi has a 45.73 percent winning percentage.

Bowler With the Longest Run Without a No-Ball:

Even when a bowler takes every precaution, a no-ball might still occur. Piyush Chawla, a leg-spinner, was an exception to this rule. He is among the best spinners in Indian cricket, and during his tenure with the Delhi Daredevils, he went 386 overs without delivering a no-ball. That’s eight years in a row where he didn’t let the other team off the hook.

The IPL Player with the Most Dot Balls:

The first player on our list is Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who has struggled with injuries over the past several years. These injuries have limited his presence for the SRH team and have also hindered his effectiveness. He has delivered 1465 balls that have not been hit by a batter during the competition, and the Indian speedster has collected 154 victims in 146 games at an aggregate of 25.79 while maintaining an economy rate of 7.30.

IPL’s First Bowler:

The st1 delivery of the Indian Premier League was delivered by Praveen Kumar, a bowler. Sourav Ganguly hit the 1st ball of the match. While Praveen Kumar was responsible for the first run that was made in the IPL, Sourav Ganguly wasn’t the player who scored it.

The IPL’s First Run:

The 1st run of the Indian Premier League came from a ball delivered by Praveen Kumar, but Brendon McCullum was the player who scores it.

IPL’s First Four:

When the inaugural match between Kolkata Knight Riders and RCB was conducted during the year 2008, Brendon McCullum scored the 1st four off Zaheer Khan.

IPL’s First Six:

It’s interesting to note that Brendon McCullum hit the very first maximum of the Indian Premier League, but it’s less well-known that Zaheer Khan was the person who came up with the idea for the 1st six.

Highest Maiden Overs in the History of IPL:

Praveen Kumar has the record of having the most maidens overs in the Indian Premier League. Praveen Kumar had thrown 420 overs across 119 games. Of this total of 420 overs, Praveen Kumar delivered 14 maiden overs, which is a very high percentage in terms of T20 history.

IPL’s First Wicket-Taker:

In the inaugural game of the 2008 Indian Premier League, Zaheer Khan took the very first wicket of the tournament as he bowled out Sourav Ganguly.

First Purple Cap in IPL:

Sohail Tanvir, a Pakistani fast bowler, was the first player to earn the title of “Purple Cap Holder” in the Indian Premier League. He took 22 wickets while playing in 11 games.

IPL Matches on YouTube:

In 2010, the IPL committee streamed live IPL matches to Youtube.

IPL Catches:

Suresh Raina now holds the record for the most catches made in the Indian Premier League with 104.

Most Run-Outs:

The Indian superstar Ravindra Jadeja has been responsible for the most run-outs throughout the history of the Indian Premier League, which are 21.

The Only Squad That Has Never Replaced Its Captain:

The only team in the history of the Indian Premier League to have had the same captain throughout its entire run is Chennai Super Kings.

IPL’s Highest Rate in Striking:

Andre Russell, an all-rounder for KKR, has the greatest scoring rate in the IPL. He has a 179.29 percent success rate.

IPL’s Most Purple Cap:

Both Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Dwayne Bravo have earned 2 Purple Caps during the course of cricket’s history. There have been a total of six Indians who have won this award there in past.

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