ARY Celebrity League Will be an Indoor Cricket Event

The ARY Digital media group has provided some details about the ARY Celebrity League (ACL). Unlike other cricket leagues, or India’s Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), it will be an indoor cricket event.

According to the short video intro of the ACL provided on the official social media accounts on ARY, this tournament will not be a traditional cricketing tournament.

It will be an indoor event in a small hall where different teams will participate. The ARY Celebrity League will have a total of 5 teams and in each team, there will be 6 players.

Out of these 6 players, one player will be a female and it will be a mandatory condition for every team who participates in ARY Celebrity League. The names of the 5 teams of ARY Celebrity League will be as follow:

ACL ARY Celebrity League Teams

  • Bolan Knights
  • Himaliya Heroes
  • Khyber Fighters
  • Mehran Tigers
  • Ravi Raiders

ARY Celebrity League will be sponsored by Sunsilk and will be presented by Protex, Ariel, and Nestle EveryDay.

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