Ihsanullah PSL Career Profile: Teams, Bowling, History

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Ihsanullah PSL Career

Ihsanullah grew up in the village of Arkot, which is located in the Matta Tehsil of the Swat Valley. He was forced to leave his home during the floods that occurred in 2022.

Ihsanullah started his PSL career in 2022 with Multan Sultans and was successful in PSL 8th edition.

He started his cricketing career in 2017 when he played for the FATA Under-16 team. In 2018, he participated in the T20 Tournament of the PCB’s U-16 Pentangular.

Pakistani cricketer Ihsanullah is a right-arm quick bowler. He is a member of the Pakistani cricket team. Additionally, he is considered to be one of the quickest bowlers on the Pakistan cricket squad at the moment, earning him the nickname “the Matta Express.”

Ihsanullah PSL Career

The 9th edition of PSL is going to start on February 17, 2024, and Ihsasnullah will be the main quick bowler in PSL because during the 8th season of the PSL, Ihsanullah generated a great deal of excitement across the entirety of Pakistan.

We shall provide you with a concise profile of Ihsanullah, who is a member of the PSL. You will learn about the brief history of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) of Ihsanullah.

Ihsanullah PSL Teams

After being selected as one of the regional players for club Multan Sultans in the first round of drafts for the 2022 Pakistan Super League, Ihsanullah made his official debut in Twenty20 in the month of January 2022.

During that particular season of the PSL, Ihsanullah was unable to perform very well. During the PSL 2022 season, he was only allowed to participate in two matches.

As Multan Sultans’ young bowler, Ihsanullah bowled a fantastic spell in just the second match of the PSL 8; he led the team’s bowling from the front. Out of his 4 overs in the PSL 8, the right-arm bowler took five wickets while only allowing 12 runs to be scored. Ihsanullah received a great deal of appreciation for his damaging effort against Gladiators.

Ihsanullah Bowling Stats in PSL

It was a fantastic night for Ihsanullah, the pacer for Multan Sultans, as he delivered the fastest 4-over spell in the history of PSL. The pace that he maintained left everyone in awe. Over 150 kilometers per hour was the speed at which he bowled in PSL.

Twenty-year-old Ihsanullah achieves the quickest delivery ever at 152.65 kilometers per hour at the PSL 2023.

Within the first 14 matches of the Pakistan Super League, Ihsanullah has taken 23 wickets. During his match against Quetta Gladiators, he had a best bowling statistic of 12 runs while taking 5 wickets.

Over the course of his career in the Pakistan Super League, Ihsanullah has contributed 370 runs and has a 7.55 economy rate in the PSL league.

At the conclusion of the 2023 Pakistan Super League (PSL) in March 2023, he was awarded the PSL 8 Player of the Season title as well as the award for Bowler of the PSL 8. This was due to the fact that he took 22 victims at a 7.59 economy rate.

Ihsanullah Player Profile for PSL

PSL Span Matches  Overs  Mdns Runs  Wkts BBI Econ 4 Wkts 5 Wkts
2022-2023 14 49.0 2 370 23 5/12 7.55 0 1

Ihsanullah in PSL 9 (2024)

From the 17th of February in 2024, the PSL 9 will get underway. Each and every cricket fan is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his or her favorite player. Because he is such a quick bowler, Ihsanullah is a fan favorite among many people.

The Multan Sultans have selected Ihsanullah into the silver category of the Pakistan Super League 9. Furthermore, he is a Brand Ambassador.

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