On FIFA Resale Platform, Sell Your Qatar World Cup tickets

A re-sale platform for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets has been established in Doha for those who purchased tickets online but are unable to attend a match. The resale window will commence on August 2, 2022, at 12:00 (midday) Doha time, and close on August 16, 2022.

When the competition gets closer, there will be an additional window for resale, which will be announced here in due time.

Access your FIFA Ticketing account and click “tickets to resell” from the side menu to resell your tickets. It’s possible for an original ticket buyer (including one who bought on the Resale Platform) to get back some or all of the money they spent on Qatar World Cup 2022┬átickets they no longer want to use for themselves or a guest through the Official Ticket Resale Platform, as long as FIFA Ticketing can resell those tickets to another ticket reseller.

Things to Consider

  • If you submit a ticket for resale, FIFA Ticketing does not guarantee that it will be sold.
  • Original ticket purchasers who submit tickets to FIFA Ticketing’s Resale Platform will be solely responsible for determining whether or not the ticket is ultimately listed on the Resale Platform for sale.
  • In the event that a ticket is not resold on the Resale Platform or is not withdrawn in sufficient time prior to the match, FIFA Ticketing is not responsible for any costs or expenses that the original ticket purchaser incurs as a result.
  • The original ticket buyer can resell as many tickets as they want to the resale site while still keeping their own copies for their own use.
  • All other tickets acquired by the original ticket buyer must also be listed on the resale site if the purchaser desires to list their own ticket.
  • In order to attend a match, a guest must have the original ticket purchaser present. If the resale platform doesn’t sell all of the tickets, the original ticket buyer can still attend the match.
  • Tickets sold through the Resale Platform may be sold for a price that differs from the initial purchase price set by FIFA Ticketing.
  • When tickets are advertised for resale on the Resale Platform, no information about the original buyer or their purchase price is included.
  • In order to prevent unauthorized usage, tickets sold on the Resale Platform can’t be utilized by the original buyer or their guests while they’re still listed on the platform.

The Release Fee

Resale fees will be charged to both the original purchaser and the resale ticket purchaser by FIFA Ticketing (if the tickets are successfully sold).

When tickets are submitted for resale, the General Public Ticket Resale Policy and the Ticketing Portal provide information on the resale fee.

How to Get a Refund?

A refund of the prescribed amount, less the fee for resale, will be processed within thirty (30) working days of the close of the ticket resale window and otherwise in accordance with the General Public Online Ticket Terms of Sale if a ticket is successfully resold via Resale Platform according to the General Public Ticket Resale Policy.

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