Mohammad Amir and Harbhajan Singh War on Twitter After India’s Defeat

Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Amir started a war of tweets on Twitter after a historic defeat of India. Everything started when Mohammad Amir posted a tweet and asked Harbhajan Singh to break his TV.

The entire Indian media was trolling Pakistan as they couldn’t win a single Cricket World Cup match against India. Harbhajan Singh was also part of that as well in making funny statements on the abilities of Pakistan’s cricket team.

But, on the 24th of October, the scenes were totally different as India was defeated by 10 wickets in the T20 World Cup. Pakistan defeated the host who is also a hot favorite team of the T20 World Cup 2021. As Indian media and Harbhajan trolled the Paksitani team, so Amir decided to troll them back.

Mohammad Amir used Twitter to ask Harbhajan whether he has broken his TV or not?


The intention was very clear, it was the reply of those jokes made by Indians where they were suggesting Paksitani fans buy an extra TV so that they can break the old TV after losing the match from India.

Harbhajan took it seriously and posted a video when hit a winning six to Mohammad Amir and he used some harsh words like “yeh 6 ki landing tumhare ghar k tv par to nahi hui thi??


Well, one thing is very clear, if you can’t take criticism then don’t criticize others and if you can’t tolerate trolling, then don’t troll others.

Amir replied to that tweet as well. He posted another video of Shahid Afridi hitting 4 sixes in a row to Harbhajan Singh. He also said that it is not good for a bowler to have 4 sixes in his 4 balls.


This made Harbhajan very much upset and he started using foul language. He mentioned the Lords incident and with that, he said to Amir: “Shame on u and ur other supporters for disgracing this beautiful game”.


That was a very personal attack on an incident that took place about 12 years ago. Amir publicly apologized for that and also received the punishment as well. Amir also took it seriously here and used some bad words for Harbhajan Singh as he said: “lagi pichware pe


Harbhajan didn’t stop here and he again posted a picture of Amir’s no ball with a caption on it “Disgrace”. The words and the language he used here were disgusting and one can’t expect such kind of language from a senior player like Harbhajan Singh. Just check this tweet of Harbhajan Singh.


After this post, Harbhajan once again posted another tweet. He wrote: “Fixer ko sixer.. out of the par chal daffa ho ja”.Β 


Amir replied for the last time and said: chal bhai me tu laga sone, u sit and do some icing on ur pichwara trust me u’ll in ur senses. GOOD NIGHT.


Fans from both sides also posted many tweets in favor of Mohammad Amir and Harbhajan Singh.

Personally, I feel that Mohammad Amir should never be included in Pakistan’s team after what he has done in the past. But that doesn’t mean that in any discussion when you have nothing to say, you bring his past just for the point-scoring.

The reason for Harbhajan to go that far is very simple, he couldn’t digest the humiliating defeat to his team. That is too by an inexperienced team of Pakistan in such a big tournament. Especially the hype that was created by the Indian media and ex-cricketers is another big reason of this debate.

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