Alok Kumar Initiate District Level Competition of Rifle Shooting

Alok Kumar, a well-known personality, is the principal secretary to Government. He is directly related to the Youth Services and Sports Department. He was cordially invited to inaugurate the District level competition of rifle shooting.

The entire shooting competition is held at the DYSS’s shooting range. It is located in Gandhi Nagar.

The competition was managed by the Youth Services, and Sports Directorate was spotted out in Jammu and Kashmir. The competition had around 30 young shooters.

The team of these young shooters took part in the competition initiated by Alok Kumar. They belonged to the community of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Director of Youth Services and Sports, Ghazanfar Ali, was alongside the Alok Kumar. He supports the initiation of Alok Kumar, who is the honorable and chief guest on this occasion. Other officers of the department were also found taking part actively with Alok Kumar.

Alok Kumar’s Message

At the time of speaking with the community at this event, the respected Alok Kumar stated that the Union Territory of Kashmir and Jammu should promote sports in this district.

He added that he is passionate about making sports available in every nook and territory of the district. According to him, it is the basic element alongside building an infrastructure for the district.

He explained to the public how important he finds sport to be a part of society. He shared the thought that sports play the role of a launching pad for the young generation. They are encouraged to pursue sportsmanship.

He believes that such a platform gives young people a chance to showcase their skills. Their talents can vary in all types of sports. He also added that by performing in the event, the young shooters would be able to highlight their talents of sight and shooting.

Do I Need To be A Registered Shooter?

To participate in official shooting events, yes, you should be a registered shooter with the relevant Sports department. You can get more information about this from the shooting board of your country.

Do Professional Shooters Have a License?

Even if you participate in a sports event, like an Olympic shooting competition or your local shooting competition, a license is required. Every shooter should have a license from the relevant department.

Where to Get Shooting Training?

To become a professional shooter, you should get the proper training from registered institutes. Search for the shooting training institute near you and make sure that they have a license from the government.

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