What is Krav Maga and Why Self Defense Training Centers are Required?

Why Self-Defense Training Centers Required?

A few weeks ago, Ashling Murphy, an Irish musician, and teacher died in a brutal attack. She tried to defend herself with the keys she had in her hands, but she couldn’t be survived.

After her death, a lot of people protested against the violent attacks on women, not only in Ireland but around the whole world. Protesters believe that such targeted attacks on women are a result of hatred spread against the women by different communities.

With that, according to a self-defense trainer, Anthony Cunnane, people need to learn self-defense routines. Anthony Cunnane was burnt alive when he was a kid. He survived miraculously despite his complete body being burnt.

After undergoing various surgeries Anthony is back to life and was able to walk on his feet. Then he started learning self-defense techniques and now he is a professional trainer.

In an interview, Anthony said that demand for self-defense classes rapidly increased after the death of Ashling Murphy. He said that a lot of young girls are afraid and they are not feeling safe in society because of the increasing crimes against women.

He recommended learning Krav Maga for all teenage girls so that they can defend themselves when there is no help.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a technique of self-defense that is derived from the various martial arts and boxing types techniques. Krav Maga is a combination of boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Karate, and Aikido.

This defense system was specially developed for the Israeli security forces and their defense forces. Imi Lichtenfeld, who was an Israeli martial artist created this technique. He used this technique in his real life as he had training as a boxer and wrestler.

Later he emigrated to Mandatory Palestine and there he provided the lessons of Krav Maga. This technique of self-defense was later used by the Israeli forces and became part of their defense system.

The main focus of this training is to focus on real-world situations. Students learn how to avoid any physical confrontation with bad people. If this is not possible, then students know how to attack the vulnerable parts of the body. They also know how to finish the fight quickly and aggressively without getting hurt.

So, Krav Maga is one of the best martial art techniques and it should be compulsory in schools for everyone. For teen girls, it is even more important because they are more vulnerable to such attacks.

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